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The Science Bazaar is an initiative by World Humanitarian Drive to bring out many talents and recognize them. The event will feature projects and conceptual novel ideas with regard to technological up-gradation and innovations bringing minimum 100 plus new inventions for the betterment of the society. We set this platform for innovation to incline. The Science Bazaar is formulated to happen as a series in different countries to bring in limelight the potential inventions. A primary motive of this event will feature the importance of youth development in the current scenario across the globe in the field of engineering and establishing products for the betterment of the world. There is a growing need in the society for many affordable and feasible methodologies and techniques to find its way that will upscale the environmental culture and co-existence between humans without putting the same at stake. We feel TSB curates it's causes very clearly bringing the project models and the ideas under a single roof. The Science Bazaar aims to give a vast study platform to each of its participant in terms of recognizing and taking deserving projects worldwide. We foresee to build a world of innovative advancements and feasible solutions.

Theme 2020!

No More Disabled, is Differently abled!

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