Frequently Asked Questions

#01 What is the motive of Science Bazaar?

The main motive of the event is to make the lives of the people with disabilities more easy by innovations and ideas of people from different regions and challenge them to solve their problem and showcase their project in a world-class amphitheatre and judged by a panel of creative experts in the respective fields.

#02 What is the deadline for project submission?

The deadline of the project proposals should be on or before 31st febraury 20.

#03 What is the eligibility criteria for participating in this event?

Kindly refer through the eligbility criteria section in the home page. page.

#04 I’m From Australia. Can I participate in this event?

yes, it is a global contest.

#05 Can I upload multiple project ideas for this event?

Yes . You can submit multiple project proposals for Science Bazaar.

#06 After the submission process, What should be done?

After submission of idea proposals, Wait for the reply. you will be informed when you are selected to the next round through mail.

#07 How the project will be judged?

The project will be judged by the judging committee. Refer the home page..

#08 What about the awards and prizes?

Kindly refer through the awards & previleges section in the home page.

#09 Is there any criteria for categories for ideas?

Every criteria has been listed in the website. Kindly refer home page. .

#10 My age is 19, can I participate in this competition?

Yes. Anyone who has impressive ideas are welcomed to the Science Bazaar.

#11 Is the registration for this event free?

Yes. Registration for Science Bazaar is free of cost.

#12 I’m working. Can I apply for this contest?


#13 When is the Second round of this contest occurs?

Kindly check out the home page. page for details.

#14 In which language, the project should be published?

The project should be applied in English.

#15 On the summary page, how long should my video be, and what should be in it?

No longer than two minutes. It should provide a brief, clear overview of the question you’re investigating, the stages of your project, what you hoped to achieve, and how far you succeeded.