Terms and Conditions

  • • You may have assistance with your project from additional students beyond the three who are your official team. Such assistance is typically in specific disciplines such as graphic design or business plan development. Any such additional students are not considered members of your team for purposes of these rules and they will not be eligible for any prizes, nor will they be recognized in official communications such as press releases. Only the team members you officially register with us are eligible for prizes, and official communications.

  • • Team members may come from different academic institutions and from different places.
  • • Each competitor may belong to only one team within the competition.
  • • Each Team is solely responsible for its own cooperation and teamwork. In no event will Sponsor officiate in any dispute regarding the conduct or cooperation of any Team or its members. The intent and spirit of the Competition is to test the skills and creativity of the student entrants.
  • Anyone acting as a team Mentor, or in any mentor-ship role, are allowed (for example, local, regional, or global sponsors), must limit the level of support provided to student entrants to general guidance and must not contribute in any way that may be considered original authorship, or in a way that may enable claims of rights or ownership to the submitted entries. In no event will work-on-behalf of teams or individuals be allowed.

  • • Avoid plagiarism.
  • • If committee of the event finds that ideas of project is plagiarised,the team will be disqualified immedietly without any warning.
  • • you should apply before the deadline,any extensions of date are not possible regarding the event.
  • • The content submitted in the application will be used in conceptualizing the book where your credentials and ownership will be mentioned.
  • • All the ownership of the submitted ideas , posters & projects in this event belong to the team members registering in the event and in no way we are responsible for any legal filings made from external sources upon our organisation

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